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who is konstantin|odin
Konstantin Odin is a Berlin-born, Hamburg-based portrait and fine art photographer and visual philosopher.

In Hamburg he studied "Public Relations and Communication", worked for agencies all over Germany and then finally became a photographer with weird ideas and a desire for light.
Today he is based with his studio in Hamburg and concentrates on
conceptional art - called visual philosophy 
portrait photography
abstract art
monochrome photography
dynamic photography

Konstantin's works are known for their minimalist and focused style. 
His work is exhibited and published internationally.

Konstantin is passionate about exploring the medium of photography. His focus is on real monochrome, yet completely digital photography, as well as playing with dynamic photography.
Konstantin is very tech-savvy, but never tech-centric.
As a result, he creates breathtaking works that inspire in terms of content, while at the same time exploiting the medium of photography. 
And sometimes even expand it.
how it works 
konstantin odin, self-portrait
Much of his work is done in his studio in Hamburg or in places nearby. But he also likes to travel around the world to create his work.
Relying on a network of great hair & make-up artists, styling experts and technical partners, no challenge is too big to be handled.

As every detail that leads to a photo finds its way to affect the final image, every detail needs to be considered when working on a very picture.

In the studio you will find the best and finest lightning and photo equipment, ready to shoot, as well as large format printer,  high-end workstations and everything else that is needed for the perfect handling for the perfect picture.

konstantin odin, atelier

Doing Stuff you have never done before is the key to achieve new horizons. Exchanging ideas with many different people keeps the mind open.
Therefore Konstantin uses every chance to deep dive into projects, work and ideas to combine his knowledge with problems and solutions others have. Working in many different roles such as digital operator, fine art post producer, light setter, it specialist, fine art printer, as well as photographer, art director or consultant for open projects of every possible topic (from fashion polaroid to live art events) turns out to be a fantastic way to meet new people, come up with new ideas and stay open minded.
the concept of 
visual philosophy
The possible best way to describe visual philosophy is to think of a question that is present in every single work of konstantin odin
"how to human"
All we humans have so many things in common.
We share so many values. We share so many abilities. Yet most of our existence is pretty subconiouses.
Philosophy asks the questions to understand the human existence. And answers quite often only textually. And while textual communication is very focused and accurate, it is in the same manner a pretty limited way of answering the complex question "how to human".

If you think of your existence as human beeing as a bundle of communication channels, helping you to interact with the world, the major part of communication will probably not come to you by text. It will come to you in all kind of stimuli, most of them visually.

Continuing on this idea, the concept of shapes, contrasts and spaces opens a deep access into the mind of humankind. How shapes and contrasts are beeing recognized by most humans hints a direction how we experience the surrounding world.
The way of how we recognise faces, smallest details in facial expressions and how we can interact with these informations is totally impressive.

There are a lot more examples such as the ability to indentify emotions and moods only by looking at a posture. Or the ability to understand intensions by reading a single line of sight in others eyes or the ability to categorize a random human by looking for things in common in just its appearance.

As much as history, churchs and philosophy tend to make us believe to be absolute unique, the perception is based on biological pattern. This underlaying pattern is the most important feature of mankind, bulding the foundation of every human society and every descition a human can make.

The visual philosophy works with this kind of perception to question the effects of social development and individuality.
 useless trivia

I practise Ashtanga Yoga as often as possible, at least 4 times a week. And i love to ride bicycle.  
Also - as you might imagine - I am a incredible tech nerd and like to take myself not to serious.
Whenever possible, I love to moderate the open show, a special event, where photographers can show their projects  and tell the story behind 
I am addicted to coffee and love to create a incredible espresso from my beloved LaPavoni. So lets have a espresso shot.

dead serious
dead serious
hard work - big hugs to  Det Kempke
hard work - big hugs to Det Kempke
by Det Kempke
by Det Kempke
I'm not Batman.
I'm not Batman.
Cyclassics Hamburg
Cyclassics Hamburg
Portrait Rainbowcam Installation by Walter and Zoniel @PhotoLondon22
Portrait Rainbowcam Installation by Walter and Zoniel @PhotoLondon22
moderating OPEN SHOW @ Mercedes.Me Hamburg
moderating OPEN SHOW @ Mercedes.Me Hamburg
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