1 H (hydrogen) -  Frank Otto by Konstantin Odin
2 He (helium) - Charlotte "Lotte" Gentz by Konstantin Odin
3 Li (lithium) - Thomas Kraupe by Wolfang Köhler
6 C (carbon) - Olaf Scholz by Konstantin Odin
11 Na (sodium) - Holger Bodendorf by Wolfgang Köhler
12 Mg (magnesium) -  Achill Moser by Wolfgang Köhler
13 Al (aluminium) - Silja Ketelsen by Konstantin Odin
14 Si (silicon) - Kent Nagano by Konstantin Odin
26 Fe (iron) - Peter Maffay by Wolfgang Köhler
20 Ca (Calcium) - Marek Erhardt by Wolfgang Köhler
47 Ag (silver) - Carolin Fortenbacher by Konstantin Odin
we are stars (Wir Sind Sterne) - exhibition @ Planetarium Hamburg
translation from the original press 
"star moments" in photography - very special people, portrayed and interpreted by Konstantin Odin and Wolfgang Köhler.

Although the characters of the two photographers could hardly be more different, they have planned each motif in detail and implemented it together. The camera technology used and the lighting concept played a central role in the extraordinary expression of the images. Their photos unite the elements of the universe with the portrayed people in a unique way. The intensity of the work captures the viewer and shows the human facets in front of the camera in a highly sensitive and intense way. Let yourself be fascinated by the pointed and concentrated work and enjoy an exhibition of beautiful photographs. Welcome to the world of stars ...

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