information on current COVID-19 situation
regarding the current and ongoing covid-19 situation my photografic process has been adjusted to avoid contagion.
Until a new status in the virus situation is achieved, everyone involved in the shootings are asked to:
- maintain at least 2m/6ft of distance to the next person
- use supplied hygiene and disinfection products
- check personal temperature 
- reduce the need to work onsite
- wear a facemask all the time, covering at least nose and mouth all the time while shooting 
- do not appear onsite if you experience any respiratory health issues
Additionally I decided to reduce the people on set to an absolut minimum, including assistance and digital operating. 
To ensure a staff minimum, shootings are planned to be minimised and to reduce the necessity of staff. 
Clients can be supported while shooting by remote access to tethered computer, as well as additional remote audio / video connection. 

Stay Safe. Stay healthy.